I saw this ridiculously scary horror hindi movie called 1920. I’ll spare you the story, as it was of no significance, it was the same old girl gets possesed in a gorgeous gothic architectured scary old house. Although, when the climax happened, when the priest came to perform exorcism to the possesed girl, she just got out of bed and ran away like Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean. Exactly how he runs.ย 

It was so ridiculous, that the spectators at the theatre were as shocked as the poor priest in the movie. Then the priest had to send the not so faithful butler to run after the ghost,as if commanding him to do another cotidiano daily chore. I cant even comment and say that “these modern day concepts” because the movie is called 1920. Gone are the good old days when the possesed just hung around flying 2 feet above her bed.ย 
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