Designing for women.

If you watch any viral corporate ads that show “women empowerment”, it will show women having facets traditionally associated with the male gene. Being athletic, or wearing a suit and being aggressive in a corporate space, or wearing white pants during their period while bungee jumping. I disagree with this projection of empowerment. Our measurement of success is not related to being able to do what men do. Rather, the role of the feminine, the soft, the delicate, is also powerful. For those who choose to be sporty and muscular – that’s fine too, it’s just not necessarily a measurement of women’s lib. True liberty would be to be unlabeled.

However, I’m going to go against my own argument and list some commonalities of women centric design as I have experienced. We don’t need flowers, shades of pink and silhouettes of women doing ballet or holding up balls or whatever. To design for women, the first thing one must have is empathy.

Women are more connected to their emotional beings and hence being subtle is sometimes enough. The creative tools of illustrations, images and words are to influence first the emotional being, and then our logical being. We like breathable negative spaces, and designs that don’t shout. We don’t need to shout. There are many ways to win battles, and the pen is mightier than the sword.

Out of the 50 brands I have designed, at least half of them have been for women. I feel a lot of satisfaction in being able to promote women in their entrepreneurial ventures as an expression of their creative purpose. As a woman, I think it gives me an advantage to work with other women to help them organize their thoughts, and articulate their ideas.


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