Untrained designers

I did not go to design school, and I am not proud of it. I would have taken half as much time to learn the things I did on my own had I been to a design school. On the flip side, it has allowed me to develop my own processes and a sense of free thinking which work well for me.

Along the way when I started hiring junior designers, I had decided that I would only hire the kids who had been to design school, as amidst the hundreds of applications I get, it was an easy filter. Also, most non-design school applications are dismal at best. However 8 years into my career, out of a 5 member team, I find myself with 2 junior designers, both untrained. I see the potential though, the fire, the emotional intelligence, a clear sense of aesthetic, hard work, but just a lack of guidance. It reminds me of myself when I winged it, trying to learn about papers, production, proposals, processes, not knowing where to start.

As it must be in any enterprise, I’m sure the insider details of a business are hard to crack. So I hope to, over the next few weeks, give away some of my learnings and resources that I have simply picked up along the way.


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